Looking for beautiful hair extensions with a natural look and feel? You no longer have to wear extensions that come in a color slightly different than your own, a density too thick or thin, or a length too long or short!


We'll custom order the perfect hair extensions for your desired length, color and density, even going so far as matching the tint or highlight. Choose from 100% human hair or high-end extensions so you can rest assured they are of high quality and radiate a natural look and feel.

Our extensions range from natural looking to fashion colors and we offer multiple applications including fusion, micro link and tape-in. 


100% human hair extensions that look and feel natural. We use a Keratin Bond method that is designed to be versatile and seamless. Your hair extensions will be custom ordered for color, length and texture to match perfectly with your natural hair.


100% human Remy hair extensions that will perform without losing their luster. The fasteners are made out of a rubberized material called polyurethane, which allows you to reuse the same extensions month after month. We use a Micro Cylinder method that is color coded to match your hair color and allows you to add extra length and volume without damaging your hair.


100% human hair that is reusable and is available in a variety of shades and lengths.


Pricing is determined at your first consultation. Our beauty specialists will take careful note of the length, density, hair color, and style you're looking for.


Call to book an appointment today! We also accept walk-ins.